Ethics case study | Management


One (1) case study shall be written by each student over the ten-week course. The written case study paper shall be no longer than 3 pages in length and shall be submitted for a grade. The case study shall be based on a real-world ethical situation you have personally encountered and about which you, personally, had to make an ethical decision.

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The case study format must include the following elements: 

a. Title of the case

b. Facts regarding the case 

c. A one-sentence statement of the ethical problem (If you cannot reduce the problem down to one sentence, you probably do not fully understand the problem, or it may not be an ethical problem at all. Generally, most problems can be reduced down to lying, cheating, or stealing, or some variation thereof.)

d. Possible alternative responses and/or solutions to the ethical problem that were available to you 

i. Describe each alternative response and/or solution fully

ii. Analyze each alternative response and/or solution giving the advantages/disadvantages; pros/cons of each 

e. Give your recommended alternative and the reasons for choosing it.