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 Exp19 PowerPoint Ch03 Cap Bryce Adventure Camp 

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 PowerPoint Chapter 3 Capstone Bryce Adventure Camp 


Project Description:

Bryce Adventure Camp is a successful outdoor retreat dedicated to the appreciation of the splendor and inspiration of nature for good health. The operation has been so successful in its two years of operation that the owners opened retreats in two additional locations. They now want to open another retreat so even more people can enjoy the exhilaration of nature in magnificent settings. They are meeting with officers of a venture capital corporation, that offers funding for unique opportunities. The representatives have asked for an overview of Bryce Adventure Camp’s philosophy, services and activities, sales for this year and last year, a year-to-year comparison, and charts showing the increase. The owners of Bryce Adventure Camp asked you for help in preparing the presentation for the meeting.


Start PowerPoint. Download and open the file named Exp19_PPT_Ch03_Cap_BryceAdventureCamp.pptx. Grader has automatically added   your last name to the beginning of the filename. 


Insert a Title and   Content layout slide after Slide 1. Type Agenda in the Title   Placeholder. Insert a Vertical Box List SmartArt graphic in the content   placeholder.

  Type the following in the Text pane:

Highlights and Activities
Balance Sheet
Stock Performance

  Change the SmartArt graphic to Lined List.


On Slide 4, convert   the bulleted list to a Horizontal Bullet List SmartArt graphic. Apply the   Intense Effect style to the SmartArt graphic and change the color to Colored   Fill – Accent 6. Change the width to 10.5″.


Create a new slide   following Slide 4 using the Title and Content layout. Type Adventure   Prices: $10 per voucher in the title placeholder.


On Slide 5, create a   table with four columns and seven rows in the content placeholder. Type the   following into the table:

  Row 1, Col 1: Adventure; Col 2: Duration; Col 3: Vouchers   Required Private; Col 4: Vouchers Required Group (min 3 people)

  Row 2, Col 1: Guided hike; Col 2: 1   hour;   Col 3: 3; Col 4: 1

  Row 3, Col 1: Rappelling; Col 2: 2 hours; Col 3: 8; Col 4: 4

  Row 4, Col 1: ATV tours; Col 2: 2 hours; Col 3: 10; Col 4: 4

  Row 5, Col 1: Fitness classes; Col 2: 1   hour;   Col 3: 3; Col 4: 1

  Row 6, Col 1: Horseback riding; Col 2: 2   hours;   Col 3: 6; Col 4: 2

  Row 7, Col 1: Zip line; Col 2: 1 ride; Col 3: 1

  Note: the last entry in the last column is intentionally left blank.


On Slide 5, add a new   row at the bottom of the table. Merge the cells in the new row. Type Camp   Package: 10 Adventure Vouchers/$90 (All vouchers are non-refundable) in the new row. Set   the table height to 4.7” and the width to 11.7“. Apply the   Medium Style 3 – Accent 6 table style to the table.

  Note, please use to tools on the Review tab to ensure the language is set to   English before applying the table style.


Make the following   changes to the text in the table on Slide 5:

  • Select the table and Center Vertically the text.
  • Select the column headings and change the font size to 20 pt.
  • Select the text in rows 2-7 of the third and fourth columns, and align   Center.
  • Select the text in the last row, and apply Italic.


Create a new slide   following Slide 5 using the Title Only layout. Add the title Increase   by Camp.   Start Excel. Download, open, and save the file named Campprofits.xlsx. Copy the chart from the Increase by Camp   worksheet. Embed the chart using Paste Options – Use Destination Theme &   Embed Workbook on Slide 6.

  Change the chart colors to Colorful Palette 1. Apply the Layout 10 Quick   Layout to the chart.


Size the chart to a   height of 4.8” and width of 7.8“. Position the   chart horizontally at 2.3” and vertically at 1.9“. Apply a   Black, Text 1 outline to the chart with a weight of 3 pt.



Create a new Slide 7   using the Title and Content layout. Type Top Five Reasons For Visiting   Camp   as the title.

  Create a Clustered Bar chart with the following data:
  In cell A1, type Reason, then populate A2:B6 with the   following values:

Location/Sight-seeing 52%
Adventure Opportunities 22%
Relaxation 13%
Children’s Activities 8%
Spa and Fitness Facilities 5%

  Change the source data to use the range A1:B6.


Make the following   changes to the clustered bar chart:
  • Apply Chart Style 12
  • Change the colors to Monochromatic Palette 2
  • Remove the title, legend, and x-axis
  • Increase the font size of the Y-axis to 16 pt and apply Bold
  • Add Outside End Data Labels
  • Change the font size of data labels to 16 pt and apply Bold

  Note, Mac users apply Chart Style 13.


Save and close Exp19_PPT_Ch03_Cap_BryceAdventureCamp.pptx.   Submit the file as directed.