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Start PowerPoint. Download and   open the file named Exp22_PPT_Ch02_Cumulative_Oceans.pptx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename.


Change the theme fonts to Gill   Sans MT.

  Mac users: From the Format menu, select Replace Fonts.


On Slide 1, change the font   color of the title text to Aqua, Accent 2 and the font size to 60. Select the   subtitle text box border and set the Horizontal position to 0.8″ and the   Vertical position to 5.9″. Change the font size to 32 and apply Italic.


Change the font color of the   title text to Aqua, Accent 2 on Slides 3 and 6.


On Slide 3, shorten the text to   read Even whales are not Safe in   the subtitle placeholder. Increase the font size to 28.


On Slide 7, shorten the text in   the title placeholder to read Be   Informed and increase the font size to 54. Shorten the subtitle   placeholder text to read Learn about issues and actions YOU can take! and increase the font size to   28. Change the font color of the text YOU   to Orange in the Standard colors section and apply Bold.


On Slide 4, insert a Rectangle   shape to the right of the fish icons. Set the Shape Height to 4″ and the   Shape Width to 3.4″. Set the Horizontal position to 9.4″ and the   Vertical position to 2″.


Apply the shape style Intense   Effect – Black, Dark 1 to the rectangle. Type 9 out of 10 large predatory fish such as   tuna, marlin, and swordfish are nearly GONE in the text box. Increase the   font size to 28. Select the number 9   in the text box, increase the font size to 60, and change the font color to   Orange in the Standard Colors section. Using the Format Painter, apply this   format to the number 10 and GONE in the text box.


Select the fish icon in the top   row next to the inserted rectangle and change the graphic fill to White,   Background 1.


On Slide 5, select the title   placeholder with the quote, and apply the shape fill Gradient Linear Down in   the Dark section. Open the Shape Format pane and change the Transparency to   70%.


On Slide 8, select the   illustration of the two fish and convert to shapes. Change the fill color for   the green portions of the illustrations to Dark Purple, Accent 3. Change the   graphic fill to Orange from the Standard Colors section for the dark gray   portion of the fish on the right (head and fin). Delete the large light gray   circle so that only the two fish and a few bubbles remain. Select each of the   bubbles in the illustration between the two fish and change the fill color to   Indigo, Accent 1.


Insert a text box to the right   of the illustration. Type Join the Science Club in the text box. Increase the height of the   text box to 1.1″. Increase the font size of the text to 54. Set the   Horizontal position to 5.2″ and the Vertical position to 5.1″.


On Slide 2, apply the Stretch   animation in the Entrance category to the title placeholder with the text The Big “3”. Set the animation to   start After Previous with a Duration of 0.75 and a Delay of 1.25.


Apply the Float In animation to   the bullet list under the heading Climate Change. Set the animation to start   After Previous with a Delay of 0.75. Change the effect options to Float Down. Use the Animation   Painter to apply the same animation to the bullet lists under the heading   Overfishing and Pollution in that order.

  Mac users: To set the delay, open the Animation pane, select the animation,   and select Timing.


Open the Animation Pane and move   the title placeholder (The Big “3”) animation down so that it   becomes the last animation in the Animation Pane. Change the Delay to 1.50.


On Slide 4, apply the Float In   animation to the text box with the text   9 out of 10 predatory fish such as tuna, marlin, and swordfish are nearly   GONE. Set the animation to start After Previous with a Duration of 1.00 and Delay of 0.50.


Select one of the orange filled   fish icons, press CTRL, and select the remaining orange filled fish icons.   Apply the Disappear animation to the selected icons. Set the animation to   start After Previous, the Duration to 0.75 and Delay to 0.50. Mac users do not need to change the Duration.


Apply the Ripple transition to   all slides.


On Slide 6, insert the video Oceans.mp4 using the Insert Video icon   in the content placeholder.


Change the video shape to   Flowchart: Document in the Flowchart category. Set a poster frame at 00:00.75   seconds.


Change the Video Height to   6.2″. Set the Horizontal position to 0.8 and the Vertical position to 0.2. Change the video color to   Aqua, Accent color 2 Dark. Set the video to play Automatically.


View the presentation. Save and   close Exp22_PPT_Ch02_Cumulative_Oceans.pptx.   Exit PowerPoint. Submit the file as directed.