Explain how a sociological perspective can make us seem less in


“Sociological Perspective”

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INSTRUCTIONS: Below is a short essay question. Read the question

carefully and write a one-page essay to answer the question. All homework

assignments must be typed in double space with a one-inch margin on all sides, using

MS Word. Please follow the instructions.

Here is the assignment:

From what we discussed and what you have read from the text, explain
how a sociological perspective can make us seem less in control of our
lives. Conversely, in what way does it give us the power to control our
social surroundings? Give examples of what you understand from the
“sociological perspective” concept in your life experience; be specific, and
please follow the instructions.

Due on Thursday – September 14, 2023.


(*) NOTE: To do this assignment successfully, read chapter one –
especially the “Sociological Perspective” section and review your notes
from class discussions and the handouts. If you have a problem
understanding the assignment, please ask for help from me or anyone you
know. GOOD LUCK!

To receive credit, please ensure your paper is uploaded to the “Weekly

Homeworks Area” folder (“labeled “Homework #1”) on Blackboard by

September 14. Late submissions will not earn any credit.


Warning: Plagiarism, copying, and pasting are severe academic offenses against the Code of

Ethics. When students copy and paste someone else’s work into their papers, it’s easily detected

because it doesn’t match their authentic writing style. Additionally, plagiarism-detection

software is in place to catch it at any level. So, refrain from any form of copying and pasting.