Explore one of the following human services-related sites listed


Explore one of the following human services-related sites listed below. Review one of the research efforts they have posted.

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  • Who are/were the target subjects?
  • What is/was the purpose of the research?
  • How might the research shape future policies and/or services for those who participate and/or for the human services field?

My Life Without Limits- http://mylifewithoutlimits.org/research-on-employment-for-people-with-physical-disabilities/

The Center for Victims of Torture- http://www.cvt.org/sites/cvt.org/files/attachments/u11/downloads/Family%20Practice-2015-Brink-fampra_cmv093.pdf

Amherst H. Wilder Foundation- http://www.wilder.org/Wilder-Research/Research-Areas/Homelessness/Pages/homeless-study-faq.aspx

Wellspring Family Services- http://wellspringfs.org/newsroom/news/wellspring-selected-one-ten-agencies-nationwide-participate-change-mind-initiative