Family’s disaster plan checklist | Nursing homework help


For this assignment, you will complete Your Family’s Disaster Plan Checklist.

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You will gather and complete the recommended information and supplies listed on the Family Disaster Plan Checklist Checklist. 

Please note: You are not required to purchase any items on this list. However, take note of the items you are missing and consider how it could impact your safety and survival in a disaster.

a. Download the Family Disaster Plan Checklist and fill out everything.

b. Complete all sections. For the inventory lists, use a check mark to show which items you have on hand.

  • For items that are not applicable to you and your living situation, please write N/A (not applicable) in the space, otherwise, it will be counted as incomplete.
  •  Remember to protect personal information by using pseudonyms, or by providing only partial information
    • ​Ex: Sister: Britley *****, phone: 724-***-****, email: b********