Federal government or any social issue that you care about.


Your assignment needs to: (1) examines a social, political or cultural “hot topic,” identifies and explains the problem

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(2) explores multiple causes of the problem, and 

(3) ultimately proposes a solution

No doubt you already have an opinion on certain issues, but this assignment must be research-based. In other words, you should locate sources, read, think, and THEN form your opinion in your conclusion. 

Guidelines for writing your assignment

Your assignment must at least be 700 words3 full pages long with at least 5 references.  The assignment must also include a cover page and reference page, making it 5 pages. Page 1 should examine the problem, page 2 explains the cause of the problem, and page 3 proposes a solution. Use an APA format to write the assignment

Note: Be mindful of plagiarism. I use Turnitin for plagiarism detection. Plagiarism earns your an automatic zero grade and possible referral for academic discipline. 

For help in writing a research assignment, including how to format APA in-text citations and reference pages, refer to the websites below: