Film study | Management homework help

  1. Watch film (I will tell you) film and identify themes in the film that represent chapter concepts. For example, is there a theme of in-group membership? How is that shown in the film?
  2. Develop your post:
    1. Paragraph 1: A brief description of the film. Here you can copy and paste a description (not a review) from any website, but you must include the URL link to that website as your reference. Example: Pasted copied film description of 3-5 sentences maximum (URL: https://…). Or you can write your own 3-5 sentence overview of the film.
    2. Paragraphs 2-4: Choose 3 specific chapter concepts to discuss in your post. Do not mush themes together. Do not choose them all from the same subset in the text. Seek to show your broad understanding of the chapter, rather than the narrowest reading. Label each paragraph separately.

Paragraph describing the scene or event in the film where this chapter concept shows up. Why is this an example of the chapter concept? Be specific, not general. Show what you know!

Your post framework and labels should consist of 4 distinct paragraphs and look like this:

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  1. Film description
  2. Theme
  3. Theme
  4. Theme

Use clear, standard English in all assignments. Word count range for your initial post (counting all 4 paragraphs) approximately 1000-1200 total words.