Final exam got question paper from senoirs luckily need the best


Final exam of networks 

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Ov = plagiarism 

Read the questions carefully and make sure you answer them thoroughly. Answer them in the form of research.

Cite and reference property following APA style. Use the Portal Originality Verification (OV) tool and provide

the OV report and score. Failure to annex the OV report with the submission of the exam will result in 10 point

grade reduction. High plagiarism scores will not be tolerated and a grade of zero will be given. Avoid vague

statements; be precisely and concisely and always support your points. Provide graduate level work. Do not

exceed three (3) pages to answer the questions. Email to your instructor: 

1) In your opinion, what are the significant advantages of having validation (checksum) data at almost

every layer?

2) DNS can use UDP or TCP. Explore and articulate the idea of HTTP using TCP and UDP.

3) Research the use of IPv4 still. Discuss the future of IPv6. Will IPv4 become obsolete one day?