Final financial planning | Business & Finance homework help

Final patch up for the continue work on Financial Goals.

This work is for one particular tutor helping me with this project.

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Actual work to be completed based on previous work done which are attached are:


  • WorkSheet 7 – Retirement Planning
  • WorkSheet 8 – Personal Financial Goals


Your final project is a completed personal financial plan that integrates and includes your previous financial plan submissions from Modules Three and Five, as well as retirement planning and funding of your needs through investments in mutual funds or equities. This last assignment requires you to once again revise your personal financial plan to reflect your cumulative learning in the course. Address the following:

1) Now that you have expanded your knowledge regarding long-term, asset purchase planning and short-term planning, as well as retirement planning, do you have any concerns regarding health? How would these change your financial plan?

2) Retirement Planning: Complete the “retirement funding” and “personal financial goals” worksheets (attached).  You will likely identify a gap between your personal financial goals for a home, vehicle, and retirement planning versus the availability of your present resources. The objective is to develop an investment strategy (what would you do to cover the gap, where would you invest, what types of investment vehicles would you choose, what stocks if any would you choose etc.). Share your strategy in a 2-3 page summary along with the previous milestone summaries. 

3)Review the amount you currently are able to set aside for this purpose. If you still identify a gap, identify how you will mitigate that risk of realizing the appropriate amount of wealth to support your personal initiatives and expectations. Propose a plan and describe your personal alternatives for bridging this gap. 

Submit the last two completed spreadsheets to your instructor along with your finalized financial plan. The paper should be between 6-9 pages total,  including the previous two milestones, so basically the final piece is another couple pages. 


The attachment are for previous work done and the actual two name above that need to be done.



APA format.


Thank you.