Final network design report | Computer Science homework help

 Project Part 4: Final Network Design Report Scenario You are ready to create and submit a final network design and plan to the senior network architect, who will present it to senior management and other decision makers. Tasks For this part of the project, perform the following tasks:

 1. Create a final network diagram that includes the basic diagram and all relevant network enhancements. 

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2. Create a professional report that includes content from each draft report of the first three parts of this project. Include details for all relevant information, persuasive justification for your recommendations, and methods to measure the success of each major network enhancement. Include a 1- to 2-page executive summary. 

3. Use simple, clear language that primary stakeholders (non-IT) can understand easily. 

 Submission Requirements

  Format: Microsoft Word (or compatible) 

 Font: Arial, size 12, double-space 

 Citation style: Your school’s preferred style guide

  Length of final report: 10–16 pages, including executive summary and network diagram Self-Assessment Checklist for Final Report 

 I developed a network design that meets the requirements.

  I created a professional, well-developed report with proper documentation, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 

 I described technology recommendations, provided justification for those recommendations, and described methods to measure the success of each major network enhancement.

  I included an executive summary and a final network diagram. 

 I included citations for all sources used in the report.

  I followed the submission guidelines.