Financial plan – income statement, balance sheet, & cash flow | ENTU-410 | Brandman University

 Maximum 8 pages 

 Students will pitch ideas related to potential entrepreneurial ventures and work individually to prepare the financial section of a business plan.  Using the concepts studied throughout the course, prepare an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.  In addition to the statements, explain your financial plans in paragraph format. 

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Executive Summary
Does the paper respond to the above-assigned tasks
Is the offer a clear and concise recap of the analysis?
The conclusion can not bring in any new ideas!
Does the organization present itself with adequate investment requirements?
Process, Punctuation, and Grammar
Are all of the words spelled correctly?
Are the correct words used?
Is the wording smooth to read?
Is proper grammar used?
Does the business plan follow APA Guidelines for any citations?
Is the business plan interesting?