Financial statements as we learned in chapter 1 are the company’s

 Financial statements as we learned in Chapter 1 are the company’s reports to educate investors, customers, loan officers etc about their company. The requirements for this project are listed below. There are two places to find financial statements – (there is a tutorial for how to use the search engine online) or go directly to the company’s website. You will need to find their 10K, the company’s annual report required for all companies who are publicly owned by SEC. Choose a company that interests you, also remember the company must be publicly traded in order to find a report. 1. Answer the following questions (this should be presented a typed report)This portion is worth 75 points a. Date of report b. Number and types of shares outstanding. Par Valued. Current Selling Pricee. Have cash dividends been issued in the past year? Stock dividends? f. Does the company have any bonds outstanding? g. Compute the ratios listed on page 516 in your textbooks. Please email these to me with your calculations the day of your presentation. h. Comment on the financial and cash position of your chosen company. Comment on its recent performance. Are they doing better or worse than the previous year? Please support with figures. 2. Discuss something unique regarding your company. For example, pending litigations, crazy compensation plans, marketing strategies, etc. You will need to use the notes to the financials and management discussions are good sources. 

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