First, create a company in the healthcare industry. it can be a


First, create a company in the healthcare industry. It can be a hospital, physician practice, pharmaceutical manufacturer, laboratory, nursing facility etc. You have been hired by this company as the Compliance Team from the FIU Business Consulting Firm to write a corporate compliance plan. You will then be required to present that plan to the company board of directors and management. This is a publicly traded company. This company will soon be audited and must be able to demonstrate compliance with the regulations and an understanding of its internal risk assessment. Your compliance plan must show regulators and stakeholders that the company has a new vision and internal controls to prevent problems from occurring in the future.

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focus the compliance plan on Stark compliance or Anti-kickback compliance or HIPPA compliance or internal risk assessment or a combination of these regulations.

7-10 page Compliance Plan – Double space.

Make sure to briefly address all 7 categories of the required components (see below). Then, depending on the industry that you have chosen and risk factors peculiar to that industry, design your plan to include an in-depth analysis of at least 4-5 specific compliance standards and whatever other action or activities.