Fixed ratio schedule | Applied Sciences homework help

Describe research from Mayer text that uses this schedule of reinforcement- (Fixed Ratio Schedule)

This is to be done on two slides (Mayer, G.R., Sulzer-Azaroff, B., & Wallace, M. (2022). Behavior analysis for lasting change. (5th Edition) Sloan Publishing.

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Explain the schedule of reinforcement. What does it “look like” in practice. 

  1. Describe the strengths/benefits of the schedule
  2. Describe the challenges/issues associated with the schedule
  3. Share when it is and when it is not appropriate to use that schedule
  4. Each group member will share an example of how that schedule of reinforcement is used in their field based setting including:
    1. A description of the behaviors to which the reinforcement schedules was applied
    2. The procedures with which it was used
    3. A rationale for why that specific schedule was the recommended and preferred one.  The rationale should be linked to the readings.
  5. Each group member will research and find an article to support the use of this schedule.  This research will be cited in the narrative and added to the reference page.