Flexsim simulation | Engineering homework help

 Below attached are three files :

 The assignment question

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The marking criteria for the assignment

And a reference for how the simulation layout should be similar to.

The assingment is due tomorrow , NOT on 6th as mentioned in the doucment.

I would need it by 03-10-2017 , by no later than 7pm. Is this possible? if so, please quote.

The main requirements of this simulation :

1) Create 2 seperate simulations – *) One simulation should be as it is given in the questions

*) The second simulation should be a modified version of the first simulation, making the process more efficient.

*) A report needs to be created for the second simulation as to how and why were all the modifications made compared to the first simulation.

Please take this quote very seriously as this is at the last minute.  Thank you.