For prof. mgk only | Operations Management homework help

Please do the assignment#3 for me. This is the important one.


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In the assignment #2, the professor gave some feedback :This is a well written paper, but you include too few of he concepts we have been discussing in class/text. And you had the space since you only utilized 2.5 pages with wide margins and double spaced. I gave you an 85 on this.”



In the assignment #1, the professor gave some feedback :” Your paper proves to me you understand the strategic management process, but it doesn’t include much else from chapters 1-4. On future assignments you will need to include more concepts from class and utilize them correctly. I was also looking for concepts like Total Quality Management (TQM) and the capacity/utilization concept.”  



So, please read all the power point and textbook  ,and including all chapters concepts while writing this assignment.


The attached file are :

  1. Assignment #3 
  2. assignmetn #1 and #2 (what you have done before)  Operations+Management_+Processe+-+Lee+J.+Krajew…
  3. Powerpoint for Chapter 1 – 15
  4. Textbook

This assignment due on June 8. And please write 3 pages. DO NOT USE ANY REFERENCE except from the textbook that i sent to you.



I think this assignment would focus on all Chapter.