For this discussion, research an organizational culture for a company


For this discussion, research an organizational culture for a company like Google, or use your personal experiences working at an organization. 

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  1. First, concisely describe three (3) aspects of your organization’s culture making the connections between this week’s reading materials and the company you’ve chosen. 
  2. Next, is it innovative, team-oriented, collaborative, ethical, or something else?  Explain which aspect is most important in guiding employee’s behavior and which aspect is most important for managers leading a team and making decisions.
  3. Finally, you MUST post the link for the company you’ve chosen that shows where you      have researched their organizational culture.

Unit 2 Discussion: Religion and Politics in Ancient Asia (HIS101 World Civilization)

Choose a civilization from ancient China (Shang; Zhou; Han) and one from India (Harrapan; Aryan; Mauryan) and describe how religion contributed to the rise and fall of both civilizations. Describe the role religion played in the political system of the two cultures you have chosen. When responding to classmates, provide additional and new research to support or disprove their position. Make sure to use proper APA format for all citations provided and include a reference list for the citations you use.

Unit 2 Discussion: Marketing Research (MKT200 Principles of Marketing)


Companies who want to grow their markets rely on market research to help determine consumer behavior and the most likely new potential marketplaces. Some companies design and conduct their own market research (primary research) while others choose to utilize data from existing market research conducted by other firms (secondary research). 

Simulated Business Scenario

Vanessa is the owner of a well-known brand of handmade decorative items such as dream catchers and candle holders. The brand, Sirrah, has a reputation for designing and selling high quality items at premium prices.  Considering current economic conditions and the increasing influx of similar but inferior products from foreign suppliers, Vanessa is interested in expanding Sirrah into new markets.

Vanessa knows she needs to research various aspects of new potential marketplaces to determine customer insights and if a new market will tolerate new competition from her Sirrah brand.  She is on a limited budget so, she is faced with two choices:

  1. Design and conduct first hand market research which is tailored to her specific marketing needs (primary research). Much more costly to implement but much more exacting to Vanessa’s brand expansion.
  2. Purchase or license existing research that is available from government agencies, trade associations and marketing research firms that sell research reports (secondary research). Less specific but much less costly.


  • What are a few examples and pros and cons of primary and secondary research?
  • Which research would you advise Vanessa utilize to support her market expansion?

Unit 2 Discussion: Sensation/Perception Disorder (PSY102 Fundamentals of Psychology II)

Have you ever wondered what it is like to not be able to see, hear, smell, or taste? 

Choose a disorder of sensation and perception:

  1. Discuss the life challenges that may occur due to this disorder.  
  2. Find a current event or research article that discusses an advancement in therapy/treatment related to this disorder.

Unit 2 DB: Promoting Healthy Growth and Development (PSY201 Child Development)

Adequate nutrition and exercise are critical for healthy prenatal and child development. If you were to advise parents/guardians on the importance of proper nutrition and exercise, what recommendations would you make? Include three recommendations for promoting healthy growth and development. Support your recommendations with evidence from your textbook and one other scholarly source.

In addition, discuss cultural inequities and barriers to receiving adequate nutrition and exercise. What recommendations would you make for resolving these inequities?