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Formula: The directions on a box of Luigi’s Pizza Mix are as follows: Spread the dough to the edges of a circular pan or a 10-inch by 14-inches rectangular pan. You will need to use the following formulas to answer the questions below.

For a circle: A = πr2 where π = 3.14C = 2πrFor a rectangle: A = lw P = 2l + 2w

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Questions: a. If you used the same amount of dough, how large a circular pan would you need to make a pizza of the same area and thickness as one made in the rectangular pan? *

For full credit, you must show your work.

This is a required question

b. Some of your friends who are coming over for pizza prefer more of the edge crust. Which pizza – the circular one or the rectangular one – is most appropriate for these edge-crust lovers? *