French discussion week 250 words

In this Discussion, consider the places in the World that French is spoken today, which are discussed under “Geography, History and Language,” and choose one of the places that interests you. Do a little research on the place of interest. It can be a former French colony or a place that is strongly influenced by French culture and language.  The only requirement is that the place of interest not be France.  but if you use the internet, make sure the site is reputable. Wikipedia is not an academic site.

Your initial post is due Thursday night, and responses are due Sunday night.

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Consider the following:

  • What other languages do these peoples speak?
  • What sort of government exists?  
  • What kind of art, architecture, and literature do they produce? 
  • Is there a cuisine or specialty food? 

Read your peers’ posts in order to enrich your understanding of the French-speaking world. Respond to at least two of your peers in order to engage in a discussion of these places, cultures, and peoples. Successful responses are typically approximately 100 words in length and include comments and questions. Acknowledge comments on your own thread.

Discussion Guidelines & Grading Rubric