Global engineering theory and practice



COURSE TITLE Global Engineering: Theory and Practice

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1. Wordcount: at least 2,000 words – references are excluded from the wordcount;

2. Please submit ONLY word documents. PDFs or any kind of photo documents will not be marked;

3. Please do not plagiarise: any similarity index above 20% will be referred to the Ethics Committee;

4.  form/Prose is highly recommended as opposed to any metrical structure of text;

5. Please title your answers, for example: Answer to Question 1 or Answer to Question 2;

6. If you need extra time, please apply for Extenuating Circumstances;


Based on the case study: ‘Netcare’s International Expansion

Answer all three questions.

Q1. (Weight 30%)

Investigate the competencies that Netcare initially acquired in South Africa and subsequently they became internationally transferable.

Q2. (Weight 30%)

Critically reflect on the reasons the United Kingdom was an appropriate location for Netcare to do business.

Q3. (Weight 40%)

Assess the pros and cons of the various options that Netcare had either to expand internationally or do business at home.