Graph/chart assignment | Business & Finance homework help


 Read chapter 8 in the course textbook. 
2.    Review these details about creating: 

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a.    A scatter or line chart in MS Excel:
b.    A column chart in MS Excel:
c.    A pie chart in MS Excel:

3.    Of the three types listed above, students can select any one of those for this assignment. 
4.    Type a “made-up” scenario that would call for the selected type of chart to be used. The Scenario must revolve around one of these topics: COVID-19, ICD-11, or Predictive Analysis. <<<< students can choose whichever topic they feel most comfortable discussing.

 5.    Populate a chart with hypothetical data for the scenario.

So, the submitted work should have two portions: 
•    The situation being described for which the chart or graph is being used; this portion should be 75-100 words. *Remember to only use one of the required topics.
•    The actual chart or graph with hypothetical data coinciding with the made-up situation. Also, be sure to upload the actual Excel file; this is so we can confirm the student actually created the graph/chart and did not just download a photo from a web page.