Grca excel new topic | Computer Science homework help

1).What have researchers learned about the relationship between higher education and employment? 

2). Rising costs of information technology

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Found 3 or 4 RESEARCH ARTICLES using the method taught in the video in this week’s folder

For this assignment, follow the directions CAREFULLY: 

Step 1: Download the EXCEL document below 

HOW, WHAT, who, when, where, why

Step 2: Fill in ONLY the BLUE portions
(If you have answers for how and what, your article IS a research article; if not, please go back to find one)
Submit the complete form here.

Part 2 

Please use the same EXCEL sheet that you used to input HOW and WHAT in the blue sections,

ADD the who, where, when, and why in the salmon sections

Submit the sheet with both the blue and salmon sections filled in.

Please create an APA-7-compliant References page with all 3 or 4 references you found. 

(the title page and references page must be one document, with numbered pages 1 and 2)

PLEASE use the resources in your manual pages 19-20 and page 28also attached hereAND the template below. Remember, there are VERY specific rules about capitalization and italics. You have a “ways to get help” document in your content folder.