Health care law discussion board 5

Answer the Discussion Board board questions in paragraph form and reply to at least 1 classmate. 

1. A woman was in labor. The nurse on duty refused to call the obstetrician. Instead, the nurse sat and read a magazine, ignoring repeated requests from the patient and her husband to call a physician. The husband informed the nurse when his wife was about to deliver, and the nurse told him to sit down. The woman delivered before the obstetrician arrived, and she was injured. Was the hospital liable for the nurse’s negligence?

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2. A 16-year-old boy was hit by an automobile while riding his bicycle. He was taken to the emergency room by a parent; the physician on call looked him over and sent him home. The boy died a few hours later. Autopsy revealed that he had a massive skull fracture. Was the physician’s lack of a thorough examination the cause of the patient’s death?

1 reply in depth to a fellow classmate on the topics they select. (2 total posts per week) post 1 is worth 80 points, peer reply is worth 20 points.

1) Your response should be in-depth (3-4 paragraphs for the initial post and 2-3 paragraphs for follow-up) to fully develop your answer. Defend your position with concrete examples from the weekly content and real-life cases, if applicable.

2) APA citation is required.