Health information managent | Nursing homework help

Purpose:  As a HIM professional, it is important to understand where and how to located specific information to meet your State’s reporting requirements.

Assignment Description: 

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Step One: Check the website for your State Department of Health. Determine whether your state has a statewide cancer, immunization, or public health (syndromic surveillance) registry. If not, select another state of your choosing that does have a statewide registry. 

Step Two: Determine the source of the data included in the registry, i.e. where does the state get the information that is included in the registry. 

Step Three: Next, find out which diseases are on the notifiable/reportable list for that state. You may need to call or email the State Department of Health to obtain this information if it is not readily available on their website. (Do not copy and paste the listing from the website.)

Step Four: Using the information from above and the information found in your textbook regarding registries, In a 2 page APA style word document report, discussing:

  1. A description of the registry selected
  2. Discuss what is included in the registry and why
  3. Discuss how to validate the reliability and accuracy of the data in the registery
  4. Your role as an HIM professional in ensuring the quality of data sent to the state for inclusion in the registry.

Step Five: As the manager of the HIM department, it is you responsibility to ensure that all of the information required for the state registry is collected and sent to the registry quarterly. Create a checklist of steps to follow. Be sure that you check list includes at least:

  1. The information to be collected
  2. Where the information is collected from
  3. Who is to collect the information
  4. How the information will be collected
  5. Where the information will be stored once collected
  6. When the information is to be submitted
  7. Where the information is to be submitted

Step Six: Submit both the 2 page APA page and the checklist for grading