Help with research study design

Help with a study design that addresses the following: 1. Provide a very brief statement on the rationale for the study including the problem, scope of the problem, and research gap your proposal would address. 2. State the research question, in the form of a question. 3. Briefly state your study approach and design a. Identify your general study approach (e.g., qualitative, quantitative) and specific research design. b. Identify the population, sampling framework (if applicable), and sampling strategy. c. Describe the recruitment procedures for your sample. d. Describe your data collection procedures (e.g., interviews, survey), including when you will introduce the IRB consent, who will collect data and how, how data will be stored and secured, and any other relevant information. e. Identify your key measures and concepts (e.g., what will the main quantitative independent and dependent variable measures are? Or, what areas will the focus group or interviews inquire about?). Operationalize your variables if doing a quantitative study. If doing a qualitative study, including your interview guide. f. Identify any known limitations to your study design. g. Describe how your study results would translate to practice and how you would disseminate or report your findings. 4. Provide a few statements on what new knowledge you believe your study will create and add to the literature. State how your findings will help fill the knowledge gap you identified in your literature review. 5. Provide a brief discussion of the ways in which your proposed study reflects the values within the Code of Ethics. Select at least two core values to provide specific examples of areas where your proposed study reflects those values and areas. In this section, you must do more than identify the value—you must clearly explicate the aspects of your study that reflect the value. Describe where your study does not fully reflect the values of the profession and why this is the case (e.g., limitations in sampling, measurement, recruitment, or other issues). 

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