his206: united states history ii week 1 quiz (all correct)


Question 1                         

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In 1892 Homer Plessy challenged Louisiana segregationist law. What words are most associated with the Supreme Court decision in his legal case?

                                                 “Whites only”

                                                 “separate but equal”

                                                 “We shall overcome”

                                                 “Don’t tread on me”


Question 2         

What helped make the United States the world’s largest industrial employer in the late 19th century?

The United States had fairer labor laws than other industrialized countries.

Immigrant workers preferred American cities and mining towns.

The United States had abundant natural resources for extraction and manufacturing.

Immigrant workers chose to move to a more tolerant society than their own.


Question 3.                       

Thanks to reform work by Jacob Riis and others, the first New York City tenement legislation required that __________.

more “dumbbell tenements” be constructed to house immigrant workers

ventilation, indoor toilets, and outward-facing windows be included in tenements

a maximum of six persons be housed per tenement apartment

 tenement buildings be separated by a minimum of 4 feet for ventilation and light





Question 4.                       

As Americans moved into frontier areas of the country, what did the area originally known as the “Old Northwest” become?

                                                 the French settlement

                                                 the Pacific Northwest

                                                 the Great Plains

                                                 the Midwest


Question 5.                       

The Chinese Exclusion Act excluded Chinese __________.

                                                 workers from middle-class jobs

                                                 female immigrants from prostitution work

                                                 laborers from entering America

                                                 students from attending American colleges

Question 6.                       

All of the following were populist coalitions that fought against a capitalist system that was unresponsive to their needs EXCEPT __________.

                                                 the People’s Party

                                                 the Southern Farmers’ Alliance

                                                 the National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry

                                                 the Greenback Party


Question 7.                       

Ida B. Wells is most associated with __________.

                                                 starting schools for former slaves and their children

                                                 leading an international campaign to end lynching

                                                 founding the National Association of Colored Women

                                                 leading a national campaign for African American suffrage


Question 8.                       

Members of which ethnic group were most restricted in their immigration to the Unites States, beginning in 1875?

                                                 the Chinese

                                                 the Japanese


                                                 the Irish


Question 9.                       

Jane Addams felt that women—especially middle-class women—should get the vote because she believed they would vote for __________.

                                                 urban reform


                                                 African American suffrage

                                                 antimonopoly laws


Question 10.     

Shifting legal rights and liabilities away from individual owners and shareholders describes the business practice known as __________.