History paper due in 12 hours

In the response paper, I will be looking for two elements.  

First, I will be looking for a thesis statement that answers the question in the essay prompt.  Ideally, this major claim will not only answer the question in the essay prompt but will also indicate to the reader how the argument in the body of the paper will evolve.  In other words, the thesis statement should have a “because” statement included within it.  

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Second, I will want to see that students can use examples from the text in order to prove their arguments.  Students MUST, therefore, include quotations from the assigned text in their papers.  For more information about my expectations, please see the document on D2L entitled “Expectations for the Response Papers”  Each paper should be two pages in length, double spaced, one inch margins, and use 12 point font.

The first response paper will address the following question:

 If you were a juror at the Scopes Trial, would you vote to convict John Scopes?  Please draw upon evidence found in our Scopes Monkey Trial reading in order to complete this assignment.