Hotel building with sustainable development

For this assignment it is important to keep in mind that it is a fake hotel that is being made from scratch with research.

It consist of creating a research paper to explain how a 75 room hotel in South Miami will have and will be. 

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Below I have attached the guidelines of this project, as well as both sustainable goals that must be in this paper. Research must be done and sources must be sited. Paper is to be 8-10 pages. 

The assignment is to, create an overview of the physical design of a hotel/resort property in SOUTH FLORIDA. The hotel/resort must have a variety of recreation facilities.

Identify the 11 Green Operating Activities as specified in the American Hotel & Lodging
Association Green Program that will reduce resource use, while assuring guest and staff
comfort, for all of the major operating systems of the hotel/resort.

Discuss how your project design incorporates design factors, building materials,
Furniture Fixtures & Equipment as well as wall coverings, flooring and floor covering and
other interior products and materials. Food and beverage must also address ways in
which you will reflect environmental management in the food and beverage operations.  

Address how your hotel/resort will impact the surrounding community in the areas of
energy and water use as well as waste-trash and sewerage. The project will identify how
the property, its’ activities and guests will impact the surrounding environment,
depending on the nature of your recreational activities.

Identify ways in which the property team will contribute to efforts in the community to
reduce the impact of the property and help to support environmental programs for the

The paper must include all of the information that you include in the presentation and any
additional material in order to satisfy the requirements of the project.
Length of Paper: 8 to 10 written pages.
Include a bibliography and citations page in APA format. Be sure to document all of your sources and site them in the body of the paper.

The paper format will follow the standard APA research paper requirements. Questions on this
should be addressed to the research section of the FSU library online.