Human resource management writing assignment



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Begin by writing an introductory paragraph briefly describing the agency and the client’s relationship to the agency. Then, complete the Systems Theory Assessment and Plan/Practice sections below based on the biopsychosocial assessment you completed for your Unit 7 Journal.

Systems Theory Assessment

  • Analyze how the child in your scenario is impacted from a nature versus nurture standpoint.
  • Using the systems theory and the person-in-environment (P.I.E.) framework, please fully explain the presenting problem(s) of the child and the family.
    • Identify and explain systems theory and P.I.E., citing at least one source.
    • Evaluate how systems theory guides your work and your agency’s work with this client, particularly regarding the intersectionality of the dimensions you assessed in the Multidimensional Assessment section in the Unit 7 Journal.
    • Identify barriers to resources that resulted in the problem situation.
    • Identify systems that need to be utilized in the intervention process, and how you and your agency will engage the relevant systems.
  • Analyze how the child in your scenario is impacted from systems theory, which may be general systems, family systems, ecological systems, organizational systems, or other.


  • Describe the planning and contracting phase of your intervention, including how you and your client determine what goals will be addressed as part of the treatment plan.
  • Describe the intervention/treatment plan (what the client would do, what you would do).
  • What interprofessional collaboration is needed for implementing the treatment plan, including any efforts by you to advocate on behalf of the client for access to needed services?
  • Describe any institutional barriers to services you may encounter. Describe client-centered barriers to service.
  • What culturally sensitive practice techniques does the agency use with clients who are members of minority groups, have differing religious beliefs or cultures, are children, have intellectual and/or physical challenges, and/or are LGBTQ+?