I resent the instructions above. as you mentioned before, please have


Critically discuss the following Essay Thesis: ‘A just legal system requires that government adopt just laws. It therefore requires government to adopt rules to regulate free expression.’ 

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I was wondering if you could write a 3500 word response with a specific structure I have provided. The first 1500 words of the paper should analyze 3 of Plato’s Socratic dialogues: Apology, Crito, Gorgias, in light of the question and more specifically freedom of speech in the historic Athenian democracy. The remaining 2000 words should discuss Plato’s Republic (specifically Book II & III) and other academic literature and secondary research relating to freedom of expression, the importance of its regulation, hate speech, and freedom of speech as a constitutive element of democratic citizenship. 

I have rewritten the structure below more clearly: 

Part One: 

Apology (500 words)

Crito (500 words) 

Gorgias (500 words) 

Part Two: 

Republic (1000 words) 

Other academic literature, law journals and secondary research on freedom of speech (1000 words) 

I resent the instructions above. As you mentioned before, please have the paper fully referenced using footnotes with a bibliography at the end.

Please discuss all the points I mentioned above in the instructions to, in light of the essay thesis.