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The report should include discussions on the below topics:

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Case Report Content

I. Problem Statement

– State the problem clearly.

– Identify critical five keywords and discuss them in detail.

– Why did it happen? Who is responsible? What is the main issue?

– Who are the main parties? Please present parties involved and their respective position: Individuals, Organizations, Government, Any other institutions??

II. Analysis of the current situation

– Why is the person/company facing this problem?

– What should change? What actions can be taken?

– What functions of the organization are involved? (HR,

Marketing, Management (CEO), Finance?

– Any specific issue? Onboarding, Sales, Selection, firing, harassment.

– Alternatives: The group should come up with different alternative actions and discuss the potential consequences of each.

– Please evaluate each alternative actions’ outcomes.

Examples could be ‘low employee morale’, decreased efficiency’, ‘low work effort and so forth.

III. Expert Opinions

– Every case has two different expert opinions. Please also include these opinions in your presentations before presenting your own interview results.

– Please conduct a detailed interview, and elaborate on:

o Why did you choose this interviewee, please provide all the supportive material? (Please detail the current position, previous experience, etc.) o Present the viewpoint of the interviewee in detail.

IV. Group Evaluation

– What is your final decision after reviewing two expert opinions and your interview findings?

– Evaluation and analysis, discussion of the details.

– Final Decision and please support your decision.