Indiana-based frank pianki industries | Operations Management homework help

The following Table details the tasks required for Indiana-based Frank Pianki Industries to manufacture a fully portable industrial vacuum cleaner. The times in the able are in minutes. Demand forecasts indicate a need to operate with a cycle time of 10 minutes.

Activity Activity Description Immeduate Predecessors Time
A Attach Wheels to Tub ___ 5
B Attach motor to lid ___ 1.5
C Attach battery pack B 3
D Attach safety cutoff C 4
E Attach Filters B 3
F Attach Lid to Tub A,E 2
G Assemble Attachments ___ 3
H Function Test D,F,G 3.5
I Final Inspection H 2
J Packing I 2

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A) Draw the appropriate precendence diagram for this production line. 
B) Assign tasks to workstations and determine how much idle time is present in each cycle. 
C) Discuss how this balance could be improved to 100%
D) what is the Theoretical minimum number of workstations