Informative presentation videos– with powerpoint slides


Make sure you follow all directions. Your video should follow the content organization of your informative outline. Each presentation must be accompanied by a visual slideshow created by PowerPoint. The rule of thumb for slides is approximately one per minute of your presentation. Your slides should not appear behind you; rather, attach the file to the post along with your video. In addition, they will be also uploaded into the Week 5: Informative Video Assignment as a separate file. Upload your slides at the paperclip- make sure they are not in pdf mode.  Keep your slides simple with less text; do not write out your script/outline on your slides.

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  • Speak for approximately 3-4 minutes- no longer than 5 (not less than 3) 

                  (Instead write content for me to follow to make the video)

  • Use informative organization to explain, demonstrate, and analyze your topic
  • Provide credible data for each element you analyze; provide examples- personal stories
  • Provide a PowerPoint slide file that accompanies your speech use your hands and facial expressions for emphasis; maintain eye contact. Rule of thumb: one slide per minute.
  • Follow the format of your final informative outline and make all of the noted changes.