Integrated marketing communications mix | Marketing homework help

The Role of Promotion – Promotion is defined as the coordination of all seller-initiated efforts to
set up channels of information and persuasion to sell goods and services or promote an idea. It
should be noted that promotion is best viewed as the communication function of marketing. The
discussion of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) should point to how other marketing
elements such as brand name, package design, price or the physical retail space
implicitly/explicitly communicates with consumers. However, most of an organization’s
communications with the marketplace takes place through a carefully planned and controlled
promotional program which utilizes elements of the promotional mix. The promotional mix is
defined as the basic tools or elements that help the firm to sell more product; these efforts create
the top line of an income statement (revenue or sales). Because marketers create top line growth;
they usually make more money than other positions within the firm, ceteris paribus.
The IMC Promotional Mix includes these venues/mediums:
1. Advertising
2. Direct Marketing
3. Interactive/Internet
4. Sales Promotion
5. Publicity/Public Relations
6. Personal Selling
7. Social Media
(NOTE: The distinction should be made between publicity and public relations noting that public
relations generally has a broader objective than publicity, as its purpose is to establish and
maintain a positive image of the company among its various publics. Publicity is an important
communications technique used in public relations; however other tools may also be used.