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Under supervision, students will be able to demonstrate through mastery of the intellectual affective and psychomotor-behaviors their knowledge and skills in management decision-making in the business aspects of an organization. Students are required to complete 90 hours of a supervised internship, and receive oversights visits by faculty.

8 different papers, 2 pages each

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Purchase office supplies and/or equipment

  • Attend regular staff meetings. 
  • Maintain common spaces in the office including ordering and restocking supplies and general area upkeep.
  • Greet and direct visitors to appropriate locations.
  • Deliver and/or pick up documents to /at BronxWorks offices, funding sources and other locations.
  • Maintain client databases and play team role of super-user for Awards and Cares systems.
  • Perform additional duties as assigned. 
  • Attend staff training sessions.
  • Meet monthly with program coordinator and/or program director for supervision. 
  • Provide direct services to clients, including intake, engagement, assessment, referral, service plan development, advocacy, counseling, exit summaries and follow-up. 
  • Monitor and document client progress toward service plan goals. 
  • Conduct home visits and other field work, as required. 
  • Document all interactions with, or on behalf of, clients. 
  • Provide general clerical support, including filing, faxing, word processing, typing, photocopying and sorting mail. 
  • Answer telephones, take messages and direct calls to the appropriate parties. 
  • Report to, and meet with, supervisor on a monthly basis. 
  • Complete program reports on a monthly basis or more frequently as required. 
  • Assist with special projects as assigned. 
  • Assist clients submitting subsidy renewal applications and  modification

The program is based on Homeless prevention