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 Intermediate Accounting Theory & Practice: Final Project Instructions
Your CEO has come to you requesting a report surrounding certain accounting issues. Further,
after finishing the report he would like you to verbally present him with highlights of your
findings. You are to recreate a series of several Financial Statements with appropriate
footnotes. You will select a publicly traded company from the S & P 500 (Standard and Poor’s
500 Index) to use as the source for your data and information, or if you work for a publicly-
traded company you may instead choose to select that company for your project. (Reports for
most publicly-traded companies can be found on the company’s website, or through Edgar
Search Tools through Filings at
In an Excel document, first you will recreate the Balance Sheet, then on the next sheet Income
Statement, then on the next sheet develop the Cash Flow Statement. After the Financial
Statements, develop the following as parts of the project:
 Using selected data from the Financial Statements, exhibit how examples of Time Value
of Money concepts such as PV, FV, & Annuities may be important over the next several
 Show and explain Cash & Receivables using actual numeric data from your chosen
 Discuss and display any perceived inventory issues as shown in the data, with any
recommendations you might make.
 Explain the relevance, or lack of relevance of other additional valuation issues to your
company by showing and using the actual numeric data.
 Provide commentary and an analysis on the acquisition or disposition of property, plant,
and equipment using numeric data.
 Report on depreciation methods used by the company. Compare the chosen method
with other possible methods of depreciation that could have been used using the
numeric data.
 Segregate any intangible assets. Report on the intangibles (if any) and how they are
valued and reported.  

 The Final Project is to be prepared entirely on one Excel Workbook. However, each item
requested should be located on a separate sheet of that Workbook. ( 

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