Intro to mircosoft project | Computer Science homework help


This week’s assignment will familiarize you with Microsoft Project. Take the time and work through each of the steps below so that you have a thorough understanding of the program and it’s capabilities.

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  • Begin this week by downloading and installing the full version of Microsoft Project from Microsoft Imagine. Use the Microsoft Imagine software download tutorial for direction. Remember that you must be running Windows7, Vista, or XP.

You need to be running Windows 7 or later to use Project, a 1 Ghz or greater x86/x64 processor with SSE2 instruction set, 1 GB RAM (32 Bit) / 2 GB RAM (64 Bit), and an up-to-date browser. Certain features require Internet connectivity.

  • Download the Project files to your computer. You will use these files throughout the course for hands-on activities. When you begin each activity, make sure you are using the correct file. Save the files you create yourself in a different folder so you do not write over the ones you download.
  • Perform the following steps in Appendix A: A-1 – A-22

Assignment: You will take several screen shots and answer several questions. Submit your work as ONE attachment for your instructor to grade. As you work through steps A1- A22, take the following screen shotsand answer the questions in a minimum of 2-3 sentences each. Remember, all of this should be on ONE Word document and submitted as an attachment for grading.

  1. Screenshot of the “network diagram view” of Customer Service file.
    • What is the purpose of the network diagram and when would you use it?
  2. Screenshot of the “calendar view” of the Customer Service file.
    • What types of calendar views can you use and how?
  3. Screenshot of the “schedule table view” of the Customer Service file.
    • How might you use the schedule table view to enhance the project?