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During this quarter we will use a fictitious company called TechWorx.   Your boss is the CEO, Mr. Mike Scott.  He does not know a lot about IT or Cybersecurity so he will rely on your recommendations and expertise.   He recently was at a meeting where the McCumber Cube came up.  He is interested in your thoughts and observations.  PLEASE include a supporting image (other than the cube below).

 We will start off the quarter by looking at the McCumber Cube.   The McCumber Cube (Cybersecurity Cube) shown in figure 1 below was developed by John McCumber in 1991 to help organizations manage the security of their enterprise.  

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mcumber model.jpg

Figure 1: Mcumber Cube (Golovatenko, 2018)

Reading:  You are not limited to these readings.  You will have to do some independent research to complete this week’s discussion assignment.

  1. The McCumber Cube: to an external site.
  2. Information States:  Data can be at rest (storage), in transit, or in use.   Read/Review this short article to an external site.
  3. Critical Information Characteristics (CIA Triad):  In recent years authentication and non-repudiation have been included as part of the model.  Here is a site that explains the triad: Click hereLinks to an external site.
  4. Security Measures: People, policies, and technology.  Read here: to an external site.


  1. Mr. Mike Scott, TechWorx CEO has asked for your thoughts on the McCumber Cube.  
  2. Have you seen this model or parts of this model before?
  3. Select three aspects of the model that are the most critical to an organization and justify your selection.  Consider past cybersecurity-related events to back up your selection.

Grading Rubric for Discussion Board (attached)  Download Grading Rubric for Discussion Board (attached)Preview the document

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