Investment problems 9. ms. blackmon invested $8000, part at 4% and

Investment Problems

9. Ms. Blackmon invested $8000, part at 4% and the rest at 5% per year. How much did she

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invest at each rate if her total return per year on the investments was $380?

10. A total of $9000 was invested, part at 6% and the rest at 3% per year. If the annual return from

both investments was $396, how much was invested at each rate?

11. A woman had two investments, one paying a 6% dividend. The other is $680 more than half

the first investment and pays a 5% dividend. If the total return is $102, find the investments.

12. A man invested a total of $1200 into two accounts, one paying a 4% dividend, the other paying

a 6% dividend. The total interest earned was $57. How much was invested into each account?