Ir plan review | Computer Science homework help

We will be focusing on reviewing an incident response plan. Some organizations treat these as sensitive and secret. Others post them online for anyone to read. In this exercise, you will be making use of a publicly posted one. Do some Internet searches to find a suitable incident response plan. Download it and submit it as part of your submission work.

For the next part of your work, you will be reviewing that plan and comparing it against the NIST 800-61 guidelines (Links to an external site.). Focus on section 2.3.2 Plan Elements. In your submission, compare your chosen plan against the elements in the NIST document. Document which sections are included, which are missing, and which are additional. State, in your opinion, whether the missing sections are impacting the effectiveness of the plan and whether the additional sections are adding value to the plan.  

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  • The assignment should be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins
  • Use APA for citing references and quotations