It-316-3476-analysis/design info systems | Information Systems homework help

Detail :

To complete this assignment, download and use the digital textbook posted in “Shared Files.”

  • Complete the Cost Analysis Project #2 under Exercises at the end of Chapter 7 of the text.
  • Use the spreadsheet method depicted in Part C of the Systems Analyst’s Toolkit to display the Net Present Value  (NPV) of the system. Cut and paste the spreadsheet into your assignment to show how you calculated the NPV.
  • Toolkit C 
  • Write a response of approximately 250 words summarizing how you derived at your answer.
  • Review the West Writing Rubric contained in “Shared Files”, which will be used to grade this assignment.
  • Format your paper using guidelines in the West Writing Style Handbook, including a Title page.


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Group Projects :


Meet with your group to develop a context-level data flow diagram for Maverick Transport (first introduced in Chapter 4). Use any data you have subsequently generated with your group about Maverick Transport. (Hint: Concentrate on one of the company’s functional areas rather than try to model the entire organization.)


Chapter 4 projects example:


With your group members, role-play a series of interviews with various system users at Maverick Transport. Each member of your group should choose one of the following roles: company president, information technology director, dispatcher, customer service agent, or truck driver. Those group members playing roles of Maverick Transport employees should attempt to briefly describe their job responsibilities, goals, and informational needs.

Remaining group members should play the roles of systems analysts and devise interview questions for each employee. If there are enough people in your group, each analyst may be assigned to interview a different employee. Those playing the roles of systems analysts should work together to develop common questions that they will ask, as well as questions tailored to each individual employee. Be sure to include open-ended, closed, and probing questions in your interviews.

Maverick Transport is attempting to change from outdated and unreliable technology to more state-of-the-art, dependable technology. The company is seeking to move from dumb terminals attached to a mainframe because it wants to use PCs in some way, and it is also interested in investigating a satellite system for tracking freight and drivers. In addition, the company is interested in pursuing ways to cut down on the immense storage requirements and difficult access of the troublesome handwritten, multipart forms that accompany each shipment.


This is the Homework:


Using the context-level diagram developed in Group Project Problem1, develop with your group a level 0 logical data flow diagram for Maverick Transport. Make any assumptions necessary to draw it. List them.