It network | Accounting homework help

First part:

Please research the subject of IT risk and list the top 5 most important IT Risks from your research.   Please also include a brief discussion on each one of them and list your sources carefully.

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Second part: 

The head of household in your family has recently read an article on how hackers can penetrate the home network to access computers, cellphones, and printers.   Some industrious hackers can even gain access to Internet-based security cameras such as the Amazon Ring security system.  The head of household has also learned that you are now taking internal auditing courses.  He/She is interested in commissioning you to conduct an audit on the IS network used at home. 

In a brief discussion, the head of household expressed that he/she is interested in the following issues:

  1. What devices are connected to the Internet?
  2. Who has access to the devices?
  3. What sensitive data are stored on the devices?
  4. How access to devices are protected?
  5. Are there any physical security measure to protect devices?

He/She would also like your opinion on the home network security issues.

Your task includes the following:

  • Survey the home network and compile a list (or graph) of all devices that are connected to the Internet.
  • Determine the audit steps and procedures that you would perform. (for example, what is your plan to discover all the network devices?)
  • Produce a table (see below for an example) to address the head of household’s concerns.
  • Write a memo to the head of household regarding your home network security issues. IT Network