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The purpose of this Module is to study the concept of capabilities approach as
developed by Amartya Sen and by M. Nussbaum. Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen has
helped to make the capabilities approach the foundation of the indices created by the
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to measure human development.
These indices to measure human development created by UNDP, in addition to income,
includes achievements in health and education. This will be a team report.

Course Objectives
By completing the activities in this module, you will make progress in completing course

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CLO 1 Evaluate women’s issues worldwide from multiple cultural perspectives: Within
the context of Human Development Indicators, students will be able to examine the
situation of women, in comparison to men, in selected countries, as they are affected by
intercultural and global issues. The Report is not related to the country your team will be

Module Objectives
MLO 1 Analyze the Human Development Reports based on the concept of the
capabilities approach. (CLO 1)

MLO 2 Evaluate the ways in which human economic development can be
measured. (CLO 1)

The following readings will help you understand concepts related to women’s global
issues as depicted in the Human Development Reports and will help you achieve the
learning objectives and complete Team Report 1.

• Search the Library for articles and internet sources related to the concept of

the capabilities approach. You can request the online librarian for help in
finding other sources, as needed. From the list of references provided in the
syllabus, the following are of special interest and some are available online:

o Nussbaum, M. 2000. Women and Human Development: The
Capabilities Approach, PDFLinks to an external site.. Cambridge:
University Press.

o Osmani, S.B. 2005. “Poverty and Human Rights: Building on the
Capability Approach.” Journal of Human Development and Capabilities

o Ranis, G. and F. Stewart. 2000. “Strategies for Success in Human
Development PDF.Links to an external site.” Journal of Human
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o Sabina Alkire, Oxford Poverty, and Human Development Initiative.
“Introduction to the Capability Approach, URL.Links to an external

o Sen, A. 2005. “Human Rights and Capabilities.pdf

.” Journal of Human Development and Capabilities 6(2): 155-66.

o (99+) Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach | Alik Naha –
Academia.eduLinks to an external site.

o (PDF) Amartya Sen’s capability approach as a theoretical foundation
of human development published in the Journal of Sociology and
Development ( to an external site.

o What is Capability Approach? Explained ( to
an external site.

o The Human Development and Capability Approach – Bing
videoLinks to an external site.

Academia.eduLinks to an external site.

Assignments due Sunday September 3, 2023, before 11:59 PM
Team Report 1 (MLO 1, MLO 2) – Each student must submit a copy of the team report
if a grade is to be received.

• Start looking into the various alternatives to choosing your Independent