Joes automotive performs the following routine maintenance services

Joes automotive performs the following routine maintenance services: oil change: (a certain dollar ammount), lube job: (a certain dollar ammount), radiator flush(a certain dollar ammount), transmission flush(a certain dollar ammount), inspection(a certain dollar ammount), muffler replacement(a certain dollar ammount) and tire rotation(a certain dollar ammount).
Joe also performs other nonroutine services and charges for parts and labor($20 per hour). create an application that displays the total for a customer’s visit to Joe’s.

the application should have the following functions:

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OilLubeCharges: returns the total charges for an oil change and/or lube job, if any.
FlushCharges: returns the total charges for a radiator flush and/or transmission flush, if any.
MiscCharges Returns the total charges for an inspection, muffler replacement, and/or a tire rotation, if any.
Other Charges returns the total charges for other services (parts and labor), if any.
TaxCharges: Returns the amount of sales tax, if any. Sales tax is 6%, and is only charged on parts. If the custoimer purchased services only, no sales tax is charged.
Total Charges: Returns the total charges