Journal 09172023 | Education homework help


As a way to address the crime that occurred in the criminal case you found, write a proposal for a new or changed process or practice that is based on a victimization theory.

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Part I (250–500 words)

  • Explain how the applicable theory or theories could apply to the case you found.

Part II (500–750 words)

  • Choose one theory of focus that applies to the case.
  • Identify an existing process or practice that would benefit from a change.
    • For the purpose of this assignment, consider a process or practice to be an action that can be taken at the day-to-day level, such as employing certain interview techniques, increasing patrols, improving response times, etc.
  • Explain why that change would be beneficial.
  • Propose the following to address the circumstances in your chosen case:
    • A theory-based process or practice change that could help prevent another occurrence of the crime.
    • A theory-based process or practice change that could improve outcomes for the victim.
  • Explain how this type of change could create positive social change.

Be sure to draw upon examples from the case you selected and the Learning Resources to support your response.