Journal 4 and 5 | Social Science homework help

Journal 4 

In the Journal Entry for this unit you are asked to propose an emerging digital technology for your Emerging Digital Technology Paper and Digital Presentation.

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1. Which digital technology do you want to research for this paper, and why?

2. What changes in society do you see occurring in connection with the technology?

3. Why and how do you think these changes are occurring?

4. To what extent are they disruptive?

Journal 5

This unit contains a journal to be done in the online portion of the class on the topic of Steve Jobs’ “Disruptive Innovation.

1. Pertaining to Steve Jobs’ video on “Disruptive Innovation,” please provide a detailed evaluation of the film based on the following criteria: quality, accuracy, and relevancy. Provide a rationale for your position.

each journal must be 225-300 words