Journal 5 application | Education homework help


  1. Using the nearpod application, (Links to an external site.) or powerpoint to develop a poster highlighting the effectiveness of ONE of the instructional concepts below for improving student learning:
    • Mastery learning
    • Learning Together or Circles of Learning
    • Jigsaw
    • Scaffolded Instruction

Then for the selected instructional approach, research a journal article on it. You should provide:

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  • a summary of the article addressing questions such as:
    • What is the relevancy of the article?,
    • Does it support any of the strengths or limitations discussed?,
    • How does it relate to curriculum development and/or improvement? A citation for the article and the article in a pdf format or link should be uploaded if available online.
  1. After reading Chapter 4 from Reframing the Curriculum: Design for Social Justice and Sustainability:
    • Which of the takeaways are most significant for your practice? Why? Are there other ideas you would add?