Journal: effective, consistent, and ethical communication

Journal: Effective, Consistent, and Ethical Communication

Information is used in various ways, including as a tool to gain support, influence behaviors and decisions, and alter one’s perspectives. When you encounter new information, does it sway your opinion? The source of the information, the way it is presented, and the people or issue (s) that benefit from public reaction to the information all play a role in determining quality information. As both a consumer and producer of information, it is important to consider the methods used to effectively and ethically communicate to a broad audience

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In this week’s Journal Assignment, you examine the effectiveness of your Group Project.

To prepare for this Assignment:

·         Consider “Expression” and “Perspective” as they relate to your Group Project. (My group project topic is birth control relating to culture, religion, political and individual)

·         Review your Topic Exploration and Analysis and Literature Review to ensure that your group’s publicity campaign is effective, has an ethical approach, and has a consistent message.

The Assignment:

Write a 1 page journal entry in which you address the following:

·         Consider how nonverbal communication and the formatting of written communication (style, formatting, correct grammar, spelling, etc.) enhance or detract from the effectiveness and consistency of the work you produce.

·         Reflect on ways the effectiveness of your Group Project’s publicity approach can vary according to audience and context.

·         Think about the ways an ethical publicity approach could influence a broader audience.



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