Law – criminal assignment 1


The use of force by law enforcement officers is sometimes required when dealing with suspects resisting arrest and/or individuals disobeying direct orders. However, when the use of force becomes excessive or is used unnecessarily, law enforcement officers are arguably engaging in ethical, and in many cases, criminal offenses.

Compose an answer between 500 – 700 words, excluding the references that addresses the following:

1. Describe the different types of ethical violations that can occur when excessive use of force occurs.

2. What policies can law enforcement administrators implement to minimize officers unnecessarily using excessive use of force without impeding the discretion necessary for officers to effectively carry out their duties.

Directly quoted material is not permitted. You must paraphrase and cite. 

Please support each with a minimum of three (3) current, scholarly sources other than your readings to support each response. The in-text citations and references are to be in APA format (7th Edition).